Our Quality Policy;
As Ileri Pencere Kapi Sistemleri San. ve Tic. A.S., we adopted the following as our general perspective resulting from our production and other activities:
Manufacturing quality products,
Always improving our performance, 
Customer orientation.
Starting from our viewpoint of manufacturing products, which are of the standards we commit and which will meet the customer satisfaction at the highest level, without damaging the environment and in a respectful way to the human life; we commit:
To act in compliance with all laws related to our operations and with the standard of ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and Handling Complaints,
To adopt the major principles of discipline, honesty, fairness, hard-working, quality, respect, neatness,
To conduct a team work with our customers, employees and supplies on the basis of respect and trust,
To minimize the customer complaints by analyzing the customer requests and expectations, by providing products of high quality on time with continuous improvements and by always increasing the customer satisfaction,
To increase the market share of our firm in the industry by following the technological developments, by performing product development activities and by analyzing well the customer expectations,
To impose the Quality Management System concept of Ileri Pencere Kapi Sistemleri to our all suppliers with training-visit method and to contribute their performance increase with continuous collaboration, 
To employ educated and appropriate people to have continuous improvement and to increase the competences of our employees with planned trainings,
To ensure that our all employees adopt the concept of “quality is the job of everyone and quality is not controlled but produced".
Our Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Policies;
Starting from our viewpoint of healthy and safe working, clean and sustainable environment; we commit:
To act in compliance with the standards of OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001, with all laws related to environment, occupational health and safety, in our all activities,
To take protective measures and to maintain sustainability by assessing systematically the possible risks resulting from dangerous situations or unsafe behaviors and by establishing the systems based on advanced occupational safety applications,
To systematically determine and assess the environmental aspects possible to result from our activities and to take measures accordingly,
To protect our subcontractors, suppliers and visitors against any occupational accidents and occupational illness by using appropriate advanced technologies in our manufacture, design and other processes, by following the technological developments about machines and by creating a healthy environment,
To raise awareness in our all employees, suppliers, subcontractors and visitors by providing trainings about environment and occupational safety,
To take measures so as to keep the environmental damage and our losses at the minimum level in the event of any accident or emergency case, 
To reduce the resource consumption by efficiently using the energy and natural resources,
To prevent the pollution on its resource by taking the environmental affect of wastes into consideration and to leave minimum waste by researching the reuse, recovery and recycle states of wastes, 
To ensure continuous improvement by determining, performing and regularly reviewing the objectives and programs related to environment and occupational safety.
                                                                                                        General Manager