Vision Mission and Values

As Ileri Pencere Kapi Sistemleri San. ve Tic. A.S., which provides design, manufacture, marketing and sales, after sales services for door, window, locking systems and accessories;
Our aim is;
To minimize our negative impacts to the environment during our activities by creating a safer and healthier working environment for our employees who are our main stakeholders.
Our objective is; 
To take measures reducing the wastes occur during our activities, by minimizing our negative effects to the environment in compliance with the legislatives and to ensure the appropriate dispose of the wastes with reuse/recovery applications. To make the necessary improvements by determining the risks to ensure a healthy and safe working environment and to minimize our risks and the number of accidents by always following the results.
With the purpose to provide continuous customer satisfaction at high level, to be a world known brand that is the leader of Turkey in 2010s and that has a voice in Europe, with wide product range by aiming a full automation in all products and services we obtain all along our studies.
Our vision is; 
To become the leader in the field of window and door systems in Turkey and in the world, to be the preferred brand with our technological designs and product quality and to be a supracompetitive, innovative, strong and reliable firm by making differences with our customers, suppliers and team.
To protect the natural resources, using the energy and the raw materials with appropriate technologies and in an economical way will provide a continuous improvement. To minimize the negative impacts of our activities to the environment, taking the necessary measures will be the integral part of our activities.
A continuous improvement in occupational safety will be provided with the taken measures and trainings. Providing the occupational health and safety will be the integral part of our activities.
Our mission is;
To bring competitive innovation to the ongoing system and to increase our competitive strength by performing the work at the first time, of the requested quality and price, on time.
To realize our objectives in compliance with the laws, without damaging to the nature and environment and in harmony with the establishments and organizations with which we have relations and to reinforce the trust of our employees by minimizing the occupational accidents with the help of continuous improvements.
Our values are;
To be prestigious with our honesty,
To be leader with our experience,
To be happy with our employees,
To be successful with our determination,
To be reliable with our consistency,
To be open for continuous development,
To respect the environment,
To provide maximum occupational safety.                                                                                                                                                                                                            
General Manager