Turkey and over 40 foreign markets,
World-class, with high-tech hardware production,
R+D Center formed by expert staff, cooperation with Tübitak and Universities,
30 years of mold design experience with computer supported design,
PLC controlled full automatic zinc coating plant and corrosion resistant surface coating processes,
Product-specific automation machines with continuous product quality and reduced to zero human factor errors,
The reference laboratory that provides the most important national and international suitability of the industry,
National and international quality certifications confirming that the Quality Management System is obliged to implement and apply in the design, production and sales of doors and windows opening and tilting systems,
Export Performance Award and Istanbul Mining and Metals Exporters Association, which are worthy of each year, as well as many other awards such as “Stars of Exports”.
500 people are working with proud of domestic production in 36,000m2 facility. Better yet, for the newer ...
The target is always FURTHER ON...